Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Once upon a time

Image via Matchbook magazine

Take uber-hunk Ryan Gosling - looking rather dashing in a classic tux, add a gorgeous little co-star in a super-sweet dress, and what do you get? ….a photo I couldn’t resist blogging about.
Ever since I saw Crazy Stupid Love, Ryan has shot from obscurity on my Hollywood hunks list straight to the top. To be fair, I don’t actually have a 'hunks list' – but if I did, Ryan would definitely be at the top. This sounds strange, but in the movie even his shoes look hot.
Plus from all accounts I’ve heard, Mr Gosling sounds to be just as dreamy as he looks – even being quoted as saying that his ultimate project would be to remake Roman Holiday with Natalie Portman playing Audrey Hepburn’s role. Swoon!
I also couldn’t go past the dress worn by Ryan’s gorgeous Blue Valentine co-star Faith Wladyka at the Cannes Film Festival. The dress with its ‘once upon a time’ wording beaded onto the latte silk really is the prettiest little thing.
If baby turns out to be a girl I might just need to try my hand at making something similar in a few years time. I’m thinking that the easiest way would be to apply navy glitter paint using the freezer paper stencil technique which Belinda from The Happy Home blogged about here last week rather than hand-sewing on the beads.

Michelle xx


  1. I so need to watch some Ryan Gosling films to see what everyone is going on about- everyone is talking about him lately!

    1. Start with Crazy Stupid Love Hannah. Ides of March is good too. :-)

  2. Great photo. Ryan looks very hunky and I agree, that dress is gorgeous! AND what a fantastic idea to try and replicate it if you have a daughter!


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