Wednesday, 21 December 2011

more is more

I just can’t get enough of chunky necklaces. My husband rolls his eyes whenever I come home with a new one …or he spots me trying to fly under his radar and casually sneak a new necklace into my outfit (I don’t even try any more – honest!).
Until recently I only wore silver jewellery, but now I’m embracing gold jewellery as well – and the chunkier the better. I also tended to follow the mantra of Coco Chanel without even meaning to. Before I left the house, I’d look in the mirror and remove one accessory.
I feel naked without earrings and a chunky cocktail ring, and unless I was heading off to exercise I wasn’t going to take off my watch or wedding and engagement rings, so it was usually the necklace that I forfeited. I don’t know what it was but I often just felt ‘overdone’ for some reason.
Now I’ve gone in the complete opposite direction, rarely leaving the house without a necklace and even layering necklaces.
As seen this year on the catwalks and sported by celebs, layering different necklaces on top of one another can create a unique statement piece without breaking the bank.
Only trick is to use items you’ve already got, and refrain from hitting the shops and leaving with twice as many necklaces!
Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Kristen Wiig - image via Pinterest

Sarah Jessica Parker - image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

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