Thursday, 8 December 2011

Summer in the city

This summer the people of Adelaide will be treated to series of pop-up events as part of a new initiative to inject life into the city.

My hubby and I stumbled upon this unusual ‘installation’ in Rundle Mall yesterday after leaving work  – Volkswagens painted in white and used as giant planter boxes. I wasn’t sure what it was all about, but I was quite intrigued…and not just because I’m a fan of painting things white.
All the action was finished when we strolled past and they were packing things down for the night, but I’m told that during the day it was a hive of activity with jazz bands and an open air cafĂ©.
Launched yesterday, this is all part of the Adelaide City Council’s greater initiative where they will fill a series of streets and laneways across Adelaide’s CBD with outdoor entertainment and dining to enliven neglected corners of the city centre over the summer.
The council has taken their inspiration from similar laneway projects in the centre of New York, Melbourne and other major cities.
I look forward to seeing these pop up events in full swing over summer and soaking up the lively atmosphere they’re sure to create.

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