Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Yes I know - just saying the word conjures up images of tragic 80s outfits and tacky accessories ...or dare I say it… a packet of highlighters.  
Even I was guilty of owning a couple of neon friendship bands and slap-bands back in the 80s, but thankfully (and full credit goes to my mum) that was the extent of how I incorporated the colour palette into my childhood wardrobe.
Cue 2012 – and the current way of wearing neon is a little more subtle and less harsh on the eye.

The stunning Emma Watson. Image via Pinterest

Just a little bit of neon can go a long way to injecting a splash of colour into an otherwise plain outfit – say by adding either a neon belt, t-shirt, necklace or clutch.
Or if hesitant to take the plunge, a bottle of neon nail polish may just be the way to ease into the neon trend if you're feeling unsure.  
Image via Pinterest

Personally I think a perfect way to wear a touch of neon is to pair it with neutral hues like greys, whites or creams for a clean and more sophisticated look. 
Here’s some examples of what I think are some of the best ways to wear this trend in 2012.

Neon and lady-like neutrals. Christopher Kane at London Fashion Week.
Image via Pinterest

Neon and neutrals. Image via Pinterest

ASOS fluro slap on watch. $19.50 available online here. Image via ASOS

Neon meets nautical navy. Image via Pinterest

ASOS Patent Fluro Skinny Belt. $9.75 available online here. Image via ASOS

Handmade neon pink geo earrings. $14.99 available online here. Picture via

Neon nails. Image via Pinterest

Cambridge Satchel Company cracked leather neon satchel. $162.20 available online here. Image via ASOS

Swarovski crystal meets neon yellow. Image via Pinterest
ASOS watch with neon pink strap $32.50. Available online here. Image via ASOS

Neutrals meets Neon. Image via Pinterest

A knockout neon dress. Image via Pinterest

Neon tote, similar to the one I blogged about here.
Image via Pinterest

I'm not sure about the cut of the skirt but I love the pairing of neons with white. Image via Pinterest

Neon flats for instant style update. Image via Pinterest

Neon yellow nails. Image via Pinterest

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